Sunday, November 12, 2017

Solstice Dream top

I finished Solstice Dream. I added more leaves, berries, bees and caterpillar to the border.
Solstice Dream Top
The top is currently 36 1/2" by 42 1/2". I was really happy to cross off a wool appliqué wool project off my To Do List. Solstice Dream was a fun project, I learned a few new stitches and new techniques.
I am getting ready to mail the quilt top to be machine quilted.

A Lillie update. Lillie is growing and learning new things each day. She is now 5 months old, over 30 pounds and 20" at the shoulder. A few weeks ago, I was able to get a few not blurred pictures of Lillie and Molly.
LillieMolly and Lillie (1)


  1. Beautiful quilt, Phyl, and adorable poodle pics! I hope the quilting does justice to the work you've done on Summer Solstice. :)

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  3. Hi Phyl, Missed seeing you lately at Monday stitch group! Lilly is sooooo adorable!! That is a beautiful picture!