Monday, October 2, 2017

Resist and Persist!

I woke up this morning to bright sunny skies and a beautiful fall day in Phoenix. I turned on the computer and read a blog posted by my friend, Sandy.

Sandy wonders - "What will this post on my not-widely-read blog accomplish? Nothing, I’m afraid. Only our government representatives can pass laws to assure help for the mentally ill or to get automatic guns out of private hands. We absolutely must push for them to do exactly that."

I often wonder the same thing when I call, write or email my elected representatives. What can one phone call do? What can one letter do? Probably not much BUT many calls, letters and emails to our elected Congressional representatives does work, maybe not right away but persistent pressure DOES WORK! I decided to support Sandy's blog post by posting to my not-widely-read blog.

How many mass shootings will it take for the United States Congress to pass common sense gun control legislation? When will the United States Congress stand up to the NRA? When is enough really enough?

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