Monday, November 2, 2015

Another fun time in Houston

Sunday evening, I arrived home from Houston and today I unpacked and had a chance to reflect back on my time in Houston. I flew to Houston on Wednesday, arriving in time to attend preview night. Sandy and I were sharing a room and we met up with 5 friends from Phoenix. Preview night, 5pm to 7pm is reserved for class enrollees, Sandy and I of course hit the vendor aisles first. Oh my goodness, the first few aisles were slow going because of the wonderful hand dyed wool and thread I saw. This year there were certainly many more vendors with hand dyed wools and threads to tempt me. At 9:30pm, we had only seen about 75% of the vendors but Sandy and I were exhausted and decided to head back to the hotel. Thursday was another shopping day, it is not easy to be a quilter but somehow we preserved. Friday, we spent the entire day looking at the gorgeous quilts.
I saw Spirit of Sedona which was quilted by a group of very talented Phoenix quilters
Spirit of Sedona quiltSpirit of Sedona

2015 Houston quilt winners can be see at

Saturday, after braving a short walk in pouring rain, we finished looking at all the quilts and did a little shopping. After 3 1/2 days of quilt festival, Sunday is a short day, making sure we had not missed seeing any of the quilts or vendors.

Just a few pictures of some of the wonderful things I purchased at the 2015 Houston Quilt Festival. Honestly, there were very few frivolous purchases, I really did need everything I bought.

Thread buttons needles Houston 2015Fabric Wool Houston 2015Notions Houston 2015

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